Guitar Amplifiers

An Introduction to Guitar Amps

Guitar amplifiers also known as guitar amps are electronic devises that amplify the sound from an instrument plugged into it through the signals and vibrations emitted from the emitted sound waves as the instrument is being played. It makes the sound louder so that the instrument noise can be projected through a loudspeaker, also connected through amps and their various setups. Most of them are capable of altering the tone of the instrument with various emphasizing and de-emphasizing methods to switch and change frequencies.

How Guitar Amps Work

Guitar Amps

Guitar Amplifier

When in use, a guitar amplifier requires either a battery or an electrical outlet to function. Amps work by creating a signal from a radio or music instrument louder through use of vacuum tubes and transistors. While transistors have replaced vacuum tubes for the most part, there are still some in the older model amplifiers.

One interesting aspect to clarify is that the signal itself, though stronger, cannot be heard well by the ear. That is why it is essential to plug guitar amplifiers up to a loudspeaker so that the sound created from the instrument is resonated throughout the location.

Amplifiers create distortion when the sound is too loud for it to process. This should not be confused with intentional distortion that changes the frequencies of the instruments, because some of them do process it like that. Transistor and vacuum tube distortion sound different; tube distort is more musically compatible.

Types of Guitar Amps

Each of these will receive a dedicated section, but when it comes to the guitar amplifier, there are more than one kind. In fact, there are a kind for every type of guitar out there, and each one projects its own unique sound. These can have certain electronic effects as well, such as distortion, chorus, reverberation, compression and equalization. Whether it does or not depends on which one you have.

Following this paragraph, there will be a listing for each one, as well as a small introduction detailing what its general purpose is. Keep in mind that you can find used guitar amps on any one of these types, often in good enough condition to work with, and at a fraction of the sometimes steep cost you would normally pay. Note that a cheap guitar amp does not necessarily have to be of low quality.

Acoustic Guitar Amps
These are made especially for acoustic guitars.

Bass Guitar Amps
These amplifiers are used for strengthening bass guitar signals.

Tube Guitar Amps
These models are made especially for tube-style guitars, and work toward their advantages.

As you can see in the list above, there are amplifiers to suit the needs of any guitar. You may be thinking that one should work with any type of instrument. This is not so. Because each instrument is designed differently, so too are the amplifiers that strengthen and build upon their sound are designed differently.

You may find some created for one type of guitar that work for another, but the full benefits will never be realized with such a device. Of course, the biggest deciding factor when it comes to any of the guitar amplifiers is the quality that it has. You can purchase a cheap guitar amp, but only if you are certain it will do what you need it to. Otherwise, go shopping again.

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