Acoustic Guitar Amps

Acoustic guitar amps are designed specifically for acoustic guitars, containing certain settings and infrastructure that only makes the sound emitted on the other end pleasing in an acoustical setting. These are considerably rare types of guitar amplifiers that beginner musicians sometimes like. This is because the light and delicate string vibrations from the acoustic guitar which become amplified allow for a more diverse range of music than more electric guitar variants.

What should be said is that it is very hard to replicate the effects of an electric guitar in the style that is suitable for an acoustic one. There are advanced workings inside of an acoustic guitar amp in play that would take perhaps hours to go over here.  You can also check out more information on tube guitar amps to get a wider perspective on varying types.

The Difference between Acoustic Guitar Amps and Electric

Acoustic Guitar Amps

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

You may be wondering why you cannot just plug in your acoustic guitar into the amplifier you have for your electrical one. The reason is that there are differences in how each one is made, while acoustic guitar amps are high fidelity.

There is also the fact that the circuitry and processes going on inside of an electric guitar-based amplifier that deliver distortion in a way so as to sound good in an electrical setting most certainly would not sound good in an acoustical setting. The loudspeakers associated with electric amps are not capable of reproducing the characteristics of acoustic guitar amplifiers. Much of the harmonics that give the acoustic instrument its character would be mostly if not completely lost in translation under those circumstances. In the simplest terms, it is not recommended.

More Information on Acoustic Guitar Amps

When it comes to used guitar amps, you can find these types sometimes for less. You must understand that the workings inside of these are extremely complex, and more goes into these to reproduce a sound that is pleasing from an acoustic instrument than most other amplifier inner workings have, so they can be as expensive as other rare types of amps. Bass guitar amps operate under different frequency principles as well, so those are worth learning more about if you have an interest.

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