Bass Guitar Amps

General Information on Bass Guitar Amps

Bass guitar amps work especially for bass-style guitars. You can check out another specific amplifier type on over at the section for acoustic guitar amps. Compared to regular electric amplifiers, they have different workings. For one, the bass response itself is extended in these models. The tone controls that are normally found for other types of instruments are optimized for the lower tonality associated with the bass guitar as well.

Other amplifiers simply do not create a pitch as low as 40 Hz for the most standard models, and even lower when it comes to five and six-string bass guitars. As such, there are characteristics about these that cannot be replicated in other amps, which set the bass guitar amplifier out on its own. This is both a good thing and a bad thing for owners of this type of guitar.

Unique Features Associated with Bass Guitar Amps

Bass Guitar Amps

Bass Guitar Amps

As with its most basic construction, there are certain things you will find in bass guitar amplifiers that are not found in any other type. For one thing, bass guitar amps can include features for compressing and limiting the sound, which prevent the amplifier from distorting sound when volume levels reach higher decibels. Also included is certain output function (XLR DI) for public address systems, mixing boards, and other intercom connections that patch the signal of the bass directly through.

The speaker cabinets, unique to the bass guitar amp, loudspeakers that are bigger in size than those for standard instrument amplification rigs. You see, the lower the frequency of a soundwave is, the more air is needed to push through the speakers. The larger ones enable the excess expulsion of air to compensate for the low-reverberating sound. In general, bass guitar amps tend to be more powerful than others, so heat sinks or ventilation systems tend to be included with them so that they remain cool when being used.

Choosing between Types of Bass Guitar Amps

The primary categorization between bass guitar amps are two assortments inside its guts that determine how the sound is processed: solid state guitar amps, or vacuum tube guitar amps.

While it is true to find nice used guitar amps when it comes to solid-state variations, so-called “true” musicians tend to always resort to vacuum tube models for their instruments, unless it is unavoidable. These tube models tend to be significantly more expensive than the widely-available solid-state ones are, but this is because the transistors inside solid-state amps have rendered the tube versions obsolete in terms of production and manufacturing. This is not to say that tube types perform worse; quite the contrary.

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